Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snow day(s)

Christmas night it began to snow. And it snowed and snowed and snowed! We received over a foot of snow here in Virginia Beach! The kids were thrilled!! Here are some pics of us out in the snow!

Let the snowman building begin!

Cute Ashton resting on the snowman's first layer.

Nice snowman with leaves, dirt and all! ;)

Jake and Lily couldn't resist eating the snow!

Snow ball Fights!

Ashton got his dad good!

But Darren got him back!

Fun day out in the snow!


Cassidy said...

How fun!!

Sue Howe said...

What a snow storm for you guys! We are in another very good snowy storm that will be at your house by Fri. and Sat. It is about 12 degrees outside now and the wind is blowing hard. Chill factor below zero or near zero.

Such cute pictures. Love you all!

Briana said...

We need to come visit! Okay, so I guess traveling to see you during a blizzard wouldn't be the best of ideas, but it sure would be fun!!!