Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Darren!

Today the hubster is 32!!! Crazy to think we met when he was 18! We're getting old! ;) I tried to keep his dinner a secret but it's kind-of hard when you are trying to boil lobsters and sear steak in the kitchen. I finally gave up trying. It was all I could do not to ruin dinner! But it turned out great!
I made him a Porterhouse T-Bone steak (best steak I've ever made I might add! Super yummy), Lobster (oh so good), Baked Potato, and sauteed mushrooms. Super yummy and delish! I even crushed whole peppercorns for the steak with my skillet and counter! ha! But fresh crushed black pepper is my new best friend. It makes all the difference!
I love you honey. I hope you had a great birthday. You are a wonderful father and husband!
Happy Birthday!

Birthday boy! (Ethan already digging into his lobster claw)

Jacob trying to get into it!

What? No birthday cake? That's right! I made one of Darren's favorites: cream puffs! It was a fun change and he was pleasantly surprised!

He's so funny!

Gift card from Best Buy (One of his favorite places to shop)

He is so cute! Love you! Happy Birthday! ♥


Alan said...

Happy Birthday Darren!

That is a fantastic dinner. I have never attempted lobster...or cream puffs. Merry Christmas from Texas!

Sue Howe said...

Happy Birthday Darren!

You are a wonderful man with a wonderful family!

Love you from SNOWY Utah!!!!!!