Friday, October 22, 2010


My friend Kate and her kids come over to play with Lily and Jacob. They were cute out in the leaves yesterday, so I grabbed my camera.

Lily and Paisley

Her boys Parker and Preston Love Love Love my older boys guns. The second they enter my house, they make a "b-line" for my boys "gun box" (Yes they have that many toy guns, that we actually have a gun box). And they load up their weapons and play and play and play! Too cute!
Sorry to all the parents that think I'm bad for letting my boys play with guns, but that's how I was raised. My brothers constantly were shooting each other. And if there wasn't a toy gun, you would make one from a stick!

Paisley. So cute!

Her 3 munchkins. Soon to be 4!!!

Cute little pregnant Kate!

My Jacob

Paisley and Jacob being sweet. This is actually a miracle, since usually Paisley is running and screaming from Jake as he tries to tease, push, or pull the hair bows from her poor head.

Probably mad at Jacob! ;)

Giving Yoda a leaf shower

Jacob bracing for Paisley to dump leaves on him!

Love this pic of Preston. I love the shear determination and drive behind whatever he is thinking about! But whatever he's hunting doesn't stand a chance!

1 comment:

Kate said...

if you only knew! {parker was asking today if we can go to lily's house...again!}
i asked parker what his favorite part was about going over there: wearing the mask.
preston's favorite part: playing with the dog.
so, you see, it's not all about the guns! :)
cute pictures. my favorite ones though, are the close-ups of jacob. those are super cute!