Friday, October 22, 2010


Since Darren is gone until the the end of November we did our pumpkin carving slightly early as a family. The kids had fun as always, but these pumpkins were HARD!!! I was literally using a hammer to get my knife into it! Darren even got out his drill and dremel to complete the job. But we got it done for another year!

Lily and Darren carving

Ethan telling Darren it's toooo hard!

Lily marking her pumpkin

Not so thrilled mommy trying to carve

Happy Daddy, now that he broke out the tools

Cute Ashton


Jake rolled my pumpkin off the table. It's face completely broke. I tried to fix it with toothpicks, but that only held for a few minutes. owell! ;)


Sue Howe said...

Such CUTE, CUTE, CUTE Halloween Pictures. I think your pumpkin looks like a flying witch with the face gone. All the pics. were sooo cute. I especially likes Jake with the little gourds. The little gourds are so fasinating, even to me. So good to see you all.

Kate said...

way fun! love the pictures. and the pumpkins. too funny about having to use a drill, the pumpkins aren't even that big!
since you did them so early, they will be perfect "smashing" pumpkins for halloween! {better not upset your neighbors!HA!}

Kathy said...

Guns or sticks, what's the difference? Boys will be boys. Paul Tucker wasn't allowed guns so he just made his own from sticks or whatever. I think a good mom just teaches respect, and YOU are a GOOD MOM!