Friday, October 22, 2010

Corn Maze

Today Kate, Neisha, and I took our kids to the Corn Maze at Bergey's. It was really fun! The little kids had a lot of fun!

Waiting for the hayride

You know this girl! She's only in about every post on my blog!

Jake sees a cow! He loved staring at it!

On the hay ride heading out to the corn maze

Kate and Paisley

Lily loving the ride

Neisha and her husband Joel

Us 3 girls!

Jacob couldn't keep his hands off of the gourds.

Here we go!

Kate and her kiddos

Me with half my crew. (And the other half was not happy at all when they found out I went here during school! I told them I'd make it up to them, and I will.) They'll survive! ;)

Grady, Cassidee, Paisley, Parker, Preston, Jacob, and Lily.
All the kids after we made it out of the corn maze alive!

On the hay ride back.

Our chauffeur! :)

Cassidee and Grady are so cute!

Ma and Jacob

We stopped by at the main shop there. They have Amish people in there cooking "real" food! We bought the kids home made ice cream! It was sooooo good. And worth the extra calories for the day!
Preston munching down on his Black Raspberry cone.

Parker thouroughly enjoying his!

Paisley eating her pumpkin ice cream. It was so yummy! That is what Jacob and I shared. We ate ours too fast to get pictures! ;)
Lily eating her cookies and cream cone!

Jacob eye-balling the pumpkin pies. And that basket of apples barely survived him. I think I picked up apples and put them back in the basket about 15 times!

Jacob and Grady

That's all for today! We're sure enjoying fall and all the fun there is to do here!


Kate said...

i'm so glad we went! instead of being bums like we normally are! it was tons of fun {despite how miserable i felt. and you can tell by the picture of me! seriously!} the kids loved it. and yes, the icecream was to. die. for.
and the cinnamon roll. yumm-o!
we need to do some more fun "fall" activities!

Cassidy said...

How fun!!!
I can't wait to move to a place that has pumpkin patches and corn mazes. hhahaa.

Sue Howe said...

Thank you for the Beautiful Background Music. It melts me into PEACE and I feel like I'm in the Savior's arms. Wonderful!