Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall Carnival

It's that time of year......again. (sense my sarcasm?) For some reason, fall/winter came really fast! I wasn't really prepared, but I do enjoy this time of year. Things have just been needless to say CRAZY! This was a super busy week for me, and on top of that, I got the stomach flu. But all is well and going fine.
Today after Debi's baby shower I had to take the kids to their school carnival that I promised to take them to. Here are some pics of it. They had fun. I tolerated it until it was over. But put on a happy face for the kiddos! ;)

I actually have more pics of Ashton and Lily cause Ethan was always bolting from one thing to another and I had to stay with the younger kids. So here are some pics from their school carnival.

This ride/activity was interesting to say the least. You enter the caterpillar in the front and then basically you're pooped out. Pretty funny actually.

Ethan being "excreted".

Train bounce house

Darts. Out of Ethan, Ashton, and Lily. It was Lily that got the bulls-eye! That's my girl! ♥

Nothing like sugar-syrup and ice (I mean a sno-cone)

Monster Fire-Truck. Pretty cool

Ethan did really well on the rock-climbing wall

That's it for another year! We do need to go to the pumpkin patch though! ;)


Kate said...

that looks like a lot of fun! i should have come with you. why didn't i? and, i want to go to hunt club {or maybe if we can find a cheaper corn maze}. you should come with!

Sue Howe said...

Such fun!!!! Great to see the children at the carnival too. The baby Shower looks so fun. You all did a great job in decorating. Ethan, Ashton and Lily look like they are having a good time. Even with shoes off. It is only 37 degrees out side right now here.