Saturday, October 9, 2010

She's going to POP! (Debi's baby shower)

Kate and I threw Debi a baby shower. We had to since this was her First boy and she already has 2 girls. We had so much fun planning this shower. Kate is sooooo super creative and I just took her orders and went with it. The theme was "She's going to Pop!" And it was ever so cute!

Loni (Debi's daughter eye-balling the lolli-"POP" tree)

"Pop" Corn

The Genious herself.... Kate

Cute Mamma!

Cute Chelsea!

Cute Neisha!

Adorable Debi!

She'll kill me for posting this pic, but owell! ;)

Doesn't she look like she's literally glowing? So cute.

Cute Cyndi with her adorable baby!


Blanket Beth made her. Super cute.

The baby needed a cupcake bad! Loved this pic!

We had so much fun! Now the goal is for Debi to keep that baby inside her tummy till her husband gets back from being deployed! Only 10 more days! Not sure if she'll make it! We're crossing our fingers and in her case, she's crossing her legs! ;)


Laura said...

K. This really made me miss you all! Too much fun ;) And Robin, did you chop your hair or was it just curly? It's cute!

Sherrie said...

Looks FABULOUS! So sad I missed it!

Kate said...

3 words: too much fun! you are the best. we need to do this again sometime {just maybe not for a few more months} that is, if you can put up with me! :)

btw--where have you been all month? i've been blogging for the past 10 days straight! you nerd!

shay and nick* said...

that looks like a blast!! You guys did such a great job! I Love the theme. Man I miss you guys, its so fun to see everyone from the ward!! Love ya tons!