Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pinewood Derby!

This was Ethan's first pinewood derby! He had fun carving his car, sanding it down to the perfect smoothness, painting it and putting the wheels on! ;) Here are some pictures of his creation.


Like the little pirate? :)

The track

All the cars. They were so creative! I got tons of ideas for next year! It was so fun seeing all the boys different creations!

Ethan's car with the pirate, and Darren made a car just for the fun of it. (It's the blue one with flames.) It ended up being entered by one of our cub scouts that wasn't able to make one! So Darren was inspired to bring his just for fun!

Let the racing begin! This picture is HILARIOUS!!! As you can see, the car in the lead is the block of wood that was never carved or painted. They just added the wheels to the block and it won this race! Pretty funny!

Darren's car.

On the car ride to the church Ethan was boasting saying, "my car is so cool! I bet it will win all the races!" We just said, "uh huh, okay Ethan! but remember, it's just for fun!" Ethan's car wasn't very heavy, and didn't go as fast. He took about 3rd or 4th each time, and I was actually glad! Why? Because he needed to be humbled a bit. This is his first year, and he needs to learn that he is not always the best! He took it very well. He's a really good sport! But we have great ideas for next year that is for sure!

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Kathy said...

Ahhh the Pinewood Derby, always a big event in Cub Scouts. This was Carter's 2nd year so we had learned a lot from last year. Wow, so many cars at your derby. We have a total of 10 Cubs. Geat looking car, Ethan!