Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today started out VERY early. It's almost as if our children had a snow sensor on them because they were all up very early yelling "It's snowing!!!" to the top of their lungs. So our day was a snow filled day. This weekend originally was going to be a very busy weekend for me. But it has ended up with everything canceled including church and now we're just home chilling with the family and enjoying the snow. Pretty fun! Here are some pics of the amazing snow that rarely comes this way!!

I took these first 2 pictures tonight. The other pictures were earlier today when the snow wasn't as deep.

Earlier pictures before the bigger snow fall

The boys! poor Jacob looks cold!!! Brrrrr! :)

Cute Lily

Darren making a snow angel!


Look at the cold rosy cheeks!

I ventured out. Yup, I'm crazy, but hey, I'm from Utah, I had to get out and look at the roads. Here is a very cold lady waiting for the bus.

As I was out, I was thinking about the missionaries. So I called them and asked if they were warm and had food. They were in their apartment just reading and such, so I asked if I could bring them some food. So I went over really quick and out ran Elder Simmons and just started jumping in the snow, so I had to grab my camera and start clicking!! He is hilarious!

Elder Savaynia (spelling) They are so awesome!!!


Brewer Bunch said...

It looks like you brought some MN home with you from the trip :). Have fun with the white stuff before it melts away...
Miss you!

The Farrell Family said...

The snow really was fun!!! Funny Missionaries!

Shan said...

Fun SNOW pictures! I'm laughing at the snow angels. Nice to just get to stay home sometimes and enjoy the outside snow and then inside warmth. The derby cars were great too! How cool that Ethan and Darren both participated. Woot Woot!!

shay and nick* said...

I CANT BELIEVE THAT SNOW!!!! and i miss you soooo much! It is snowy here all the time and I am sick of it.. :) I cant wait to come visit you guys some day... we will make it out to VA again! :) We are homesick already for it, especially for the cute missionaries and the amazing ward!! Hope all is well, miss you like crazy and you look fabulous! love you!

Walt and Eileen said...

How nice of you to think of the missionaries!
If we cancelled Church for snow in Idaho/Utah...there would be no Church all winter!
But that's what they did in St. Louis, too, during our medical school years there.
How do you make the ♥ ? (I copied/pasted this one from your comment on the Brewer Bunch blog.)
Love, Los Petersen - Argentina (winding down)

P.S. About Pine Wood Derby's...our first one of 4 boys Walt wondered how much was "boy" and how much "Dad." We found out it was a lot Dad. It was alwayus a fun Father-son project, however.

Kate said...

snow, snow, lovely snow! it was fun playing in it, wasn't it?