Saturday, January 30, 2010

Outdoor Fun

It was such a beautiful day outside. Everyone was out enjoying the weather and riding bikes. Jacob is getting so excited to be able to go outside now. He should be walking soon and just in time for good weather! Yay! No dirty hands and knees from crawling! ;)

Darren and Ethan had fun riding bikes and trying to do tricks! :)

Ashton and Daddy


Briana said...

How fun catching up on your blog. We're very jealous of the snow, as always! Maybe someday! I love that Ethan did his own car. I think it's totally the experience that they learn from, and I hope Jason will be able to relinquish control enough to let our boys come up with their own creations. He did a GREAT job. Wish we could drive over and have some fun with you, but for now we'll just have to live vicariously through pictures!

Eric and Aubrey said...

The pictures of Darren crack me up. On Christmas Eve, all the boys were out playing on their bikes (Of course, Eric showing off his wheelies) and I asked Eric if he could bounce on his back tire. He tried without hesitation, only to have the bike slip out from under him and the handle bar crash down on his knee. He could hardly walk for a week! I love Dads!