Saturday, October 31, 2009


As you may have read in a previous post, we were sick a large chunk of the month of October and had to cram all the festivities of October into a few days. Today I woke up with a mission to get pumpkins so we could have carved jackolanterns by Halloween night. I drove to the store, none there, long story short and 6 stores later and ZERO pumpkins I was getting really sad and aggravated!!! So I sat there pondering what to do!!! And I saw a bunch of weird looking squash and thought, what the heck. So we carved squash this year! And the kids really enjoyed it thankfully! I've also included our costume pics and a few others in this post! Enjoy!

The kids finished projects

This looks yummy!

Darren still working on his butternut squash! ;)

Ooooo Aaaaaaa, so cool! ;)

My little ball of squish playing in the leaves

Just gave that leaf a bad look after tasting it and not liking it!

Such a cutie!

All 4 once Daddy got done with his! Cute huh?

Scary Darren after he hand painted his face! Creepy!

Little Miss Lily the Witch
Ashton the Ninja Turtle

Ethan the Zombie (He always has to be something really scary!)

Jacob the Monkey.

All 4. Jacob had just fell down and bumped his head. That's why he's crying. :(

Scary bunch!

Trick or Treat! (Notice the "Jason" in the door?) When the kids finally noticed him they freaked!

Jacob and Daddy

Are we done yet?

Is that really you dad? Jacob kept trying to pull on Darren's face. It didn't even scare him!

The Loot!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!


Briana said...

How cute! I LOVE your "pumpkins"... looks like a whole lot less mess and fuss. Plus, everything is cuter in pint size. I was very impressed with Darren's face paint. I thought he had on a mask at first!

Cassidy said...

So cute! I love the squash idea! Seriously so awesome!! Happy Halloween.

Rick, Debi, Loni, and Ada said...

Darren I am bummed I didn't get to see you all painted. I am coming Trick or Treating with you guys next year so I can see. Is that alright? You all looked great! Love ya Debi

Kathy said...

Love your pumpkins. What a great idea! Robin, where's your costume?

Shan said...

I loved all the pictures. Wow, the Halloween squash turned out terrific - and Darren's Frankenstein electronically carved one, too! I heard their seeds were yummy, too. Fun, cute, and scary costumes! Wow, again, Darren, your face/head painting- what a talented artist. So funny to see this scary man pushing a stroller of the cute squishy baby. What a fun-filled week you've all had!

Walt and Eileen said...

Such an inventive mother! Darling "pumpkins," and great costumes. Sorry your family's been sick, but good to be recovered in time for a fun Halloween.
Have you seen Jen & Jerry's new "live punkin" with no name yet?
Love, Los Petersen - Walt & Eileen - Argentina

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

I'm glad that you guys dressed up with your kids, how fun! I love the green pumpkins.