Saturday, November 14, 2009

Uncle Derek

Derek came out last weekend to visit. It was tons of fun having him here. It happened to be his birthday when he came so we threw him a par-tay! :) Any excuse I have to decorate and bake a cake, I'll do it! :)

Blow them out! Look at Ashton! :)

Trying to make the same face that's on the ball. The kids chose his presents from the party store, so they were goofy, but fun. He loved them.

Derek with Jacob


Uncle Derek with all the kiddos

Ma and Pa

Our fam. Yes, I'm cheesy, but hey, it's rare we have a pic ALL together, so I included it! :)

Darren and Jacob chilling on the couch after church.

We took him to "duck park" to feed the ducks and play. We all had tons of fun.

Jacob loved watching the ducks and playing in the dirt.

They are always goofy!

I L♥ve this pic. My hubby is so strong! I wish I could do that! And this is not a "trick" shot either!

We took him to Chick's Beach. We played frisbee, threw balls, built castles and had fun.

Luckily Jacob didn't get any ideas to shove fist fulls of sand in his mouth, but he sure loved playing with it and squishing it between his fingers.

Thanks for coming to visit Uncle Derek! We had so much fun with you here!


Aspen said...

I just LOVE the picture of just you and your husband. You look gorgeous!

Cassidy said...

How fun! I love having visitors. It always makes life exciting. Cute family photo. I'm glad you included it. Are you excited for FRIDAY????!!!!!!

Brewer Bunch said...

So cute!! You look so gorgeous!! I can't believe Darren can go completely horizontal... that's amazing! Thanks for posting all of the fun pics - it's fun to keep up with your growing kiddos!!

Shan said...

That was a beautiful picture of just you and Darren and great family picture. No doubt, Darren, I want to see you do that trick sometime. Very cool that Uncle Derek came and fun, fun activities you all did together. Great memories!