Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hunt Club Farm

Yesterday we took the kiddos to Hunt Club Farm. We had so much fun together. We started off on a hay ride, then went to the petting farm, played on the giant hay pile, then rode some carnival rides. We had so much fun!

Jacob and Mom on the hay ride.

Me with my kiddos

Giant pumpkin! It's real!!! just kidding.

Daddy and Jake on the Hay Ride

Jacob wanted to grab the goats soooooo badly!

Ethan caught a chicken!

Jacob could not get enough of that chicken. He wanted to grab it so bad! It was pretty funny!

Look at Jacobs face, he has such intent on getting a hold of that chicken!

Jacob still after that chicken! ;)


Farmer Jake!

The 6 of us!

Playing in the hay pile! I think they almost loved this the most!

On the Ferris Wheel.

Giant slide. They sit on potato sacks and slide really fast down!

Check Lily out! She was flying!!!! And when she got down, she started laughing and said she wanted to go again! Silly girl! When I saw her flying down the slide I thought for sure she'd start crying at the end, but she didn't!

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Briana said...

Lily's picture is pricesless, but Ashton's face coming down the slide is funny, too! I'm glad you guys are feeling better... hopefully the worst of it is over, huh!!