Thursday, May 7, 2009


I'm on the phone talking with my friend Tiffany who I haven't spoken with for a long time. We're enjoying our talk, and I'm thinking to myself, "Gosh, the boys are being so great right now, they aren't climbing all over me, running through the house yelling, they are actually outside playing quietly and being good!" Then I hear the hose which is a huge "No no" in our house. The kids know not to turn on the hose without permission. I then hear the screen door being sprayed by the hose. I run to the back and see a complete disaster area. Our yard looks like a swamp, it is torn up! I only had patience enough to grab a picture of Ashton. I then ran out and became the mother from hell. I hosed down the patio, fence, chairs, kids clothing, grill, Darren's bullet proof vest, the rug. While I'm doing this, I'm silent, the boys start playing soccer thinking they are in the clear. Well now that the patio is cleaned off it's their turn. I literally chased them into a corner in the yard and hosed them down with the nozzle on hard stream to get all the mud out of their ears, hair, and butt cracks! I was sooooooo MAD! Mainly because this wasn't the first time they have played in the mud, this is the "umpteenth" time and the mother of all messes. And of course Darren is at the shooting range tonight for work. So after I hose them off it's up to the shower and straight to bed. I feel bad for yelling at them and giving them the "prison treatment" with the hose, but hey a mom can only take so much!!!!! At least Lily wasn't playing with her brothers. Boys can be so retarded sometimes! And I have 3!!!! Heaven help me!!!!! I took some after shots of the yard. It actually is an improvement from what it was before I started to clean up the war zone.


Shan said...

Man! What a muddy mess!

Alan said...


we were banned from bringing the hose into the sandbox as kids... many summer afternoons had elaborately orchestrated, hours-long plans to pull the hose to the far side of the sandbox, and bury it from the point it entered, to the top of the volcano (or whatever structure it got incorporated into).

then we would play nicely in the sandbox all day, building cities and making moats and canals...and then turn the water on to fill the rivers, and then destroy the city.

...and many of these days ended with our being stripped to our underwear, hosed off in the backyard (how embarassing), and banned (again) from using the hose.

Kathy said...

I laughed so hard as I read this. I could so see myself doing just what you did!