Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Made my day!

So today was a typical day. I cleaned, cooked, fed a baby, fed Ashton, Lily and Ethan, took Ethan to school, changed diapers, fed a baby, cleaned again, cooked again, folded laundry, fed the baby again and again and again, picked Ethan up from school, helped with homework, fed the other 3 again a few times, picked up some more around the house, did a load of dishes etc... I didn't get to the shower till 8:30 tonight. But at least I made it to the shower right? Any way, this evening our doorbell rang. I wasn't expecting anyone and I didn't look too lovely, but owell right? Lily runs and answers the door half naked and it's my friend Kate. She is standing there all cute as usual with a big strawberry pie in her hands. She has been strawberry picking and making all kinds of goodness with her strawberries and she brought me a pie just out of the blue! I guess she was inspired to bring me some sweet goodness to brighten my day. I ate a piece without taking a picture first, but I had to take a picture despite me ruining the masterpiece first. It was sooooo YUMMY! Hopefully I'll get one more piece before my kids and husband devour it, but THANK YOU so much Kate, that was so sweet of you! You made my day with your sweet delicious strawberry pie! Friends are golden, and friends like Kate who somehow know when you need something, are priceless! ;) I'll repay you girly!

Cute Kate and her hubby

1 comment:

Kate said...

oh robin...YOU are too sweet! :)

i'm so glad you enjoyed it.
and, you don't ever need to repay me. the look on your face when you came to the door made it SO worth it!