Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jacob's Blessing Day!

Today Darren blessed Jacob at church. Here are some pics of the day and him in his handsome tuxedo that my mom "Grammy Sue" made him (didn't she do an awesome job?). He was a good boy and didn't fuss during the blessing. He was so cute all dressed up!

Mom and Jacob

Dad and Jacob

I'm so lucky to have this great man as my husband and these 4 gorgeous children whom I love more than life itself!
At the church
All tuckered out and ready to go home!
Mom and Jacob just chillin on the couch.
Mom, Ashton, and Jacob cuddling on the couch
My newest little handsome boy!


Stephanie said...

He looks so cute in his little tuxedo! I love it.

Laura said...

I didn't get to see his little outfit up close! That's so precious! Congratulations, your family is adorable, and I love how they all watch me conduct during sacrament meeting!

Briana said...

He looks ridiculously cute! Props to your mom! I'm glad you're not like me and you'll post pictures with you in them, too. It's nice to see your smiling face every once in a while, too.

Cassidy said...

L.O.V.E. it!!!!!

vicki said...

A beautiful family. The purity radiates.

Shan said...

Such cute pictures of little Jacob for his blessing - and I loved the ones of you with the kids and of Darren and the kids. Yes - beautiful family!!

And did you make Ashton's cake? It was so cool! Those presents sound fun, Ashton!

Jana said...

His baby tuxedo is so cute! I love your family pictures too. Looks like a good day.

Ivylmnm said...

Your family is just sooo cute! I don't think I've said it yet, so congrats on Jacob! He is really darling and the blessing pics of him are so cute. You look happy!