Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Snow Day!"

At 5:53 a.m our phone rings and it's the "school district" saying that school is canceled today because of the "impending snow storm". I'm thinking to myself "are you kidding?" It's predicted to snow a couple of inches, not 10 feet! Get this, even Darren's work was canceled! I find it so hilarious that virtually the whole town shuts down if snow is even possible. So a 3 day weekend for Ethan turns into a 4 day weekend. Of course he's thrilled, but now the kids can't pry their little noses off the windows in hopes to see snow. I told them not to get their hopes up. I've just never lived in a place where snow sent people into a panic. I was born and raised in Utah where we had many feet of snow all winter. If schools closed there for snow, we'd miss half the school year! Not a bad idea! :) Any way, if it does snow, and I say "if" strongly, we'll of course get pictures of it. But I won't be surprised if it doesn't.


Kate said...

yeah, my husband is STILL holding out hope for some snow...and he's lived here his whole life and knows this happens every winter.
oh well. at least it isn't snowing..if it did, school would probably be canceled for a week.
parker's pretty disappointed. he really wants it to snow.

Schmerber Family said...

Get used to it,peolple in the south freak out when it snows..... I think it's hilarious,in Northern Michigan the schools were never closed unles there was over a couple feet.

Barnes Family said...

That's too funny! Brett and I have felt the same way about things here. Because of snow or even really cold weather they start school late. They canceled Brett's work one day too. I don't remember school being canceled once while we lived in Utah. I guess people just don't know how to deal with snow. Silly people!