Monday, January 26, 2009


A week ago it was threatening snow. Friday is was almost 70. And now it's cold again. This place has the weirdest weather EVER! But any way, it was nice on Friday, so we took the kids to the park. Here's a few pics of that. It did get chilly though the later it got. (hence Lily in her coat) ;)

The boys running down Mount Trashmore "hill".

Swinging. Tongue always out! ??

Ethan hiding.

Tongue again.


Briana said...

That looks like a cool park!! It reminds me of "Castle Park!!"

Kate said...

how fun.
i actually didn't know it was warm, until it was too late! we only went outside for a little bit.
and, for your trashmore is pretty much the tallest point in va. beach. don't be making fun of it! at least we have a moutain.. albeit a mountain of trash, for us to play on!