Thursday, November 13, 2008

4th Folder 4th Picture

Tagged by Cara!
Here are the rules...Go to all your pictures (stored on your computer) and in the 4th folder, post your 4th picture and tag 4 friends.
I tag Briana, Jen, Ramanda, & Aubrey! (and whoever else would like to play!)
This is a picture taken a few months ago at a place here called Mount Trashmore. Funny name huh? It's actually this humongous old trash pile now covered in dirt and grass. Weird huh? I thought so too when we first moved here, but it's a really cool place to go, they have walking trails, playgrounds, it's really pretty and the kids enjoy going there! And no it doesn't stink! :)
So there you have it, my 4th picture from my 4th file! :)

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