Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ethan's first day of School

I must be really hormonal with this pregnancy because I cried like a little baby today when Ethan went to school. My heart is aching because he is gone. I don't know why it's so hard for me. This is now the 4th year he's gone. (He started going full days in Pre-K in Texas when he was 4), and yet, here I am still crying when he goes. I think it may be because in Texas he had a lot of friends and he was always out playing and since we've moved, we've really grown close as a family again since we've had no friends and we've had to depend on each other as a family and do everything together. It was a good experience for us a move because it brought our family closer, but it's sooo hard now, sending him to a school where he knows no one, I know no one and yet I'm supposed to trust that he'll be taken care of and okay. Which I have faith he will, it's so just hard! I'm sure I'll get over it quickly once I can see that he's okay and doing well and meeting friends and such, but right now, I'm so sad! Crazy huh? Everything is so emotional with your first born, because they are the "first" for everything. You do all your "firsts" in parenting with your first born and it's sometimes hard to watch them grow and move on. Time flies too quickly and I'm already dreading the day he leaves on his mission and college. What a boob I am. But I love my kids and I'm proud of them all, and I'm proud of Ethan for being a good big brother and a good example to the younger ones!

Ashton and Lily were sad to see their brother go too.


Anonymous said...

These are such darling pictures of Ethan's first day of school. I know how you feel. The first child is your best friend and true love from the bottom of your heart. They always are. Ethan looks so great dressed for school. It was cold enough here to freeze things all over the valley. We are officially into fall. Love you Grandma

Mannclan02 said...

Oh Robin. . . break my heart! He DOES look so completely grown up, though. You know his teachers will just fall in love with him. He's a great kid, and I'm sure will not have a problem at all making new friends. The unknown is always scary, but you're right, that's how we grow. I've valued my time with my family, too, with not too many other committments when you're in a new place (friends, responsibilities). Anyway, LOVE the pictures of your darling kids. Let us know how the first day went for him.