Friday, August 29, 2008

Odds and Ends

I finally have my computer back! Thank you hubby! It's amazing how dependent we become on the internet and our computers, I was seconds away from crawling into the fetal position and sucking my thumb, but then Darren fixed my computer! So sweet. I knew him being a computer geek would come in handy once in a while! :) love you honey! Any way, here are some "odds and ends" of us lately, nothing important, just us!

So here is Ethan "helping" dad mow our Humongous back yard! Can you believe how huge this property is to mow? Hey, we're thankful for what we got! It's a yard right? Moving from an apartment to any patch of lawn we can call ours is great! :) ha ha.

Here's Ethan my 7 year old who is growing way too fast!

Here is my silly red headed cutie Ashton! He is hilarious and a joy to have around!

And here is Lily my little girl who I treasure!

And all three of our little crew.

Here is our dog Yoda. Guess what he's gonna be for halloween? :)

And here's our 11 year old cat Truffle. She loves trying to catch squirrels in the back yard.
Ta Ta for now! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! ;)
p.s. I'm almost through my first trimester and I'm finally starting to feel better. I tell ya, the first trimester is enough to kill anyone! Phew!!!


CarterConnection said...

Adorable family! I just love your sense of humor Robin!

Thanks for making me smile

CarterConnection said...

This looks amazing! You're invited to come over (and cook for me:-)!!!

Kate said...

i have to agree, your kids are just way too cute! we need to get together some time. :)