Monday, August 11, 2008


You know you're pregnant when: changing your 2 year olds diaper makes you puke, coughing too hard makes you puke, laughing too hard makes you puke, crying after telling hubby good-bye makes you puke, brushing teeth makes you puke, cooking dinner makes you puke, eating dinner makes you puke. etc.... Okay, so maybe a little dramatic, but I am getting more sick than I have been. I was thinking I was lucky this time around, but it's slowly creeping up on me and it's getting worse. I'll keep pushing through.

Enough with that. Darren left Sunday for a month, (not too long, just the usual), but being pregnant gets my emotions running high and I was really sad when he left. I'm better now, I know time will go by fast. But the hard part is, is that he can't call me at all while he's gone!!! That makes it VERY HARD!!! It's one thing to not be able to talk with hubby while he was in boot-camp and we had no kids, but now that we have kids, it makes it really really hard. They don't understand why they can't talk with their Dad. He did leave a video message of himself to me and the kids, so that will help, but it's still hard.

Okay, enough with that. So remember the "crazy women driver's" posting? Well, I've done it again. A few days ago, I thought I'd take the kids on a picnic. I drive onto this "scenic path" and start into deep woods. It's starting to look like it's been abandoned for quite some time. It's dark and bumpy, with lots of sticks, and stuff. I'm starting to get that "not so good feeling". I try and find a place to turn around, but the road is really narrow and on both sides of the road is thick forest. Then we get to a dead end and we are stuck! I try and back up and I'm hearing scratching and all kinds of bad noises, then BOOM!!! To which Ethan yells "Are we dead?" I say no and can't help but laugh in my moment of misery. I get out and I hit a big tree, which I swear wasn't in my rear view mirror. So long story short I finally get out of that mess and I scratched the van up pretty bad, busted the passenger side mirror. Our van looks like I use it for Off-Roading. And during all this time it still has the spare tire on it. But I was bound and determined that my kids were gonna get a picnic! So, I found this R.V. park close that had picnic tables and I pulled in liked I owned the place and we sat down, ate, played on the play ground and left! But oh man, I was nervous to tell Darren about the van, but he was sympathetic with my pregnancy hormones! :) The next day he comes home from work and says, "so you didn't go any where today?" I then reply "what do you mean?" he says, "Well the van isn't destroyed any further." okay so I deserved that. I have been a crazy driver lately, like I'm right out of driver's ed! All the while my poor kids are in tow and my oldest thinks I'm an alcoholic! Any way, that's our wonderful drama as of lately. But it's all fun and we're alive! Here's some pics of the picnic and the wonderful scratch down the side of my van. Sorry for the long post!


Mannclan02 said...

Ohhhhh, Robin. Just when you think things stink, a skunk sprays ya, huh! I'm sorry, girl, but at least you didn't hit someone else's van at a church activity, right? When you're lonely, know I'm just a phone call away . . . my voice goes deep. No, on the more serious side, I know you're back to your crazy pregnant self, but you know I still love you anyway, right! Miss you, too.

Brewer Bunch said...

Wow Robin - you really get the gold medal award for all that you have put up with, pregnancy and all!! I am so sorry that you are sick! I wish we were closer and I could come and load up all of your kiddos to give you a break!!
I think the van thing is a 'Brewer' gene more than the woman gene. Ask Jerry about his little run in with the cement post, which scratched up our passenger side door, and tore the mirror off. The only thing I said to him when I got in was, "I'm glad it was you and not me!!"
Good luck with getting through this month - give me a call anytime you need to just hear another adult voice :).
Love ya, girl!

Cassidy said...

wow. That is quite the "scratch!" Sorry everythings making you sick. I love that you just totally went to some random RV park and had your picnic. Good luck with the following month! Miss ya! If it makes you feel better, sometimes lately I've been soooo tired and mentally exhausted, that I kind of scare myself when I'm driving. I'm safe, but I still don't think my mind is as alert as it should be