Monday, August 4, 2008

Ethan turns 7!

My first born son is 7! Where in the world has time gone? It still feels like yesterday that I brought that screaming little bundle home from the hospital! Now he is this tall, long, boy with long arms and legs that I can't quite cuddle all in with me on the couch. Now instead of asking me about something, he is telling me everything because he is "smarted than his parents." Time flys by so quickly. We had a good quiet family birthday today for him. His actual birthday is the 14th, but Darren will be deployed then so we did it now so Daddy could be here. I asked Ethan what kind of cake he wanted and his reply was: "I want a strawberry cake, with strawberry icing, with real strawberries on it, and strawberry ice cream. Oh and I want the writing to be blue so it doesn't look girly." So.... can you tell my son likes strawberries? Maybe just a little. :)

Then we opened his presents, his favorite was the 12' Indiana Jones toy my brother, his uncle Stewart got him. As you can see by his expression he was thrilled. It was hard trying to convince Lily that it wasn't her birthday this time. She thought it was her's all over again! :)


Stu said...

Hey Buddy! Looks like you scored a lot of loot. very cool. Happy B-day Ethan! Love Uncle Stu

Cassidy said...

Man, a 7 year old??? You are old! hAHAHA just kidding. I'm glad you are having fun!