Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Crazy Women Drivers!"

So Today we decide to run some errands and get out for a while. First we drop off library books, then drop Darren's car off for an oil change and check-up, then we decide to go see this old Coast Guard Museum. So I'm driving us to the museum (since Darren dropped off his car, he just hopped in the passenger side of the van, if any of you know Darren well, you'll know he doesn't like to ride with me when I'm driving). Okay, so I'm driving to this museum in an "uncharted" place of Virginia Beach that we haven't came across yet, and I maybe almost made us crash, but I still claim it wasn't my fault, but it just adds fuel to Darren's already very high burning fire that "women can't drive". So, after that drama we enjoy our afternoon, eat lunch and head back to pick up Darren's car and then go home. I drop him off and there is a drive through car wash right next to where we were, so I think, "hey this will be fun, the car is dirty and the kids love it". So we pull in and the green light says "go", as I'm pulling in foam is hitting my window, so I can hardly see, but I still can see that the light says go, so I keep going and going, till now I'm at the end of the stupid car wash, and I'm thinking, "that can't be all of it!" So I put the van (bus) in reverse and start going backwards, well then there are some bumps, scrapes, and screeches, and I realize I'm right up against the right side of the car wash and I'm running into all the pipes and stuff and the "terrain" doesn't feel too smooth either. So I drive forward again, and then straighten out and back up successfully and the light finally says "stop", so we get our thrilling car wash and head out. When I get out on the road, something doesn't feel right and it's getting worse and worse and now I'm feeling and hearing "thump thump thump". CRAP!!! I think I have a flat. I call Darren, I pull into this 7-11 that is close and I get out to look, I completely slashed the back right tire. and I mean slashed the poor thing and it is as flat as flat can be. So, then we have to find where the spare is. Why can't it be in a normal place???? We have to push up the front passenger seat, push back the middle seat, and use this tool to unscrew something on the floor which lowers the spare onto the ground from under the van. Who in the world invented this??? Do you actually think a "mom" driving a minivan would be able to work this contraption? If Darren wasn't here we'd still be at 7-11. Very long story short, we were hot, sweating, and couldn't get the last "nut" off the dumb tire. Finally I put the stupid crow bar thing on and jumped on it and it finally budged. I felt so proud! :) Any way, I'm grateful for having my hubby there to help and I officially admitted to him that women can't drive (or at least I can't)!
Women: Learn to change your tire, And,,,,, Locate your spare if you have a weird minivan like me! :) Night all!
oh, p.s. When Darren picked up his car, we found out it needs a new clutch! Just great! We only need several hundred to fix that! Love it!


Mannclan02 said...

LOL! I can just see the two of you! I'm sorry for the inconvenience on your part, but thanks for the laugh on my end.

Alan said...

oh man, car problems are the worst. and for what it's worth, i have to adjust the car every time i go through the automatic wash, too.

you would think that i would either learn or wash the car by hand. but i've found a better solution. i just don't wash the car ;)

me and my boys said...

oh no! that is totally something i would do! i so have issues trying to backing up.
what a day!

Brewer Bunch said...

Robin -
I'm so sorry - I'm so glad Darren was there to come and help out - even if it was to gloat a little bit :). I hope you all made it home safely!

Anonymous said...

Next time try to go in sideways....this makes it easier for you to exit your car while it is being destroyed in the car wash.