Saturday, July 21, 2012

♥Happy Birthday Lily! ♥

Lily turned 6 today! She had a rough start to her day. We had to take her to the dr. to get some antibiotic ear drops for her ear infection. But after that, she was good to go!

We had a fun little family party at home (as we have done for all the kids this year). Some years, I declare it a “family only birthday party year”. Mean mom? Maybe, but hey, it’s how I roll sometimes!

Lily helped me decorate the house and bake her cake! She was very instrumental in the colors and decorations! Pink decorations? No surprise. Chocolate cake? No surprise! She’s so cute!

DSC_3528 - Copy

Here’s my cute little 6 year old with 2 missing teeth! :)

DSC_3543 - Copy DSC_3539 - Copy

Hello Kitty Movie! Card and $6.00 from Grammy Sue and Grandpa Steve!

DSC_3545 - Copy DSC_3550 - Copy

Her brothers colored her “cards”. Super cute!

DSC_3551 - Copy DSC_3552 - Copy

Sleeping Beauty, Bop It!, and…… ROLLER SKATES!!! She has been telling me for over a month that when she is 7 she wants pink roller skates! 7 not 6!!! Apparently she thought she needed one more year to be able to skate. Then yesterday, yes yesterday, she declared she wanted them NOW for her 6th birthday! I may or may not have had these overnighted to our house to be here for the birthday girl! ;)

DSC_3553 - Copy DSC_3554 - Copy DSC_3557 - Copy

Hula Hoop! This girl can Hula Hoop like a champ!

DSC_3559 - Copy

Lily with ALL her brothers! Poor little girl! But she’s tough and she’ll always be protected by her brothers!

DSC_3561 DSC_3562

Lily and Daddy!

DSC_3563 DSC_3565

Kisses for our little girl!

DSC_3567 DSC_3569

Lily and Mom!

DSC_3570 DSC_3573

Make a wish!

DSC_3575 DSC_3576

Cute little girl! She is growing up so fast! She wasn’t 100% herself today with her ear infection, but despite that she had a great day!

DSC_3578 DSC_3580

This girl has mad skills! Hula-Hooping with roller skates on while watching t.v.! Now that’s talent!




Kate said...

I love her pink roller skates! So cute! I'm glad she was feeling better, what a bummer to be in the ER on your birthday. {It happened to Paisley, on her 1st birthday...she had the swine flu! Ick!} I've said it once, and I'll say it again, Lily is so.stinkin.cute!
And it looks like the cake turned out PERFECT! :)

Sue Howe said...

How special our little Lily. She looks better and had a wonderful Birthday despite the ear. I remember you wanted pink roller skates too. Interesting. I had forgotten too. Lily has a special mom and family. Love to you all. Love Grammy

Briana Mann said...

Happy belated Birthday, Lily!