Friday, July 20, 2012

6 Years ago……

My dream came true! Heavenly Father gave me a little girl! Ever since, my world has been full of giggles, smiles, lipstick, nail polish, necklaces, shoes, baking treats, doing hair, and so much PINK! And I have LOVED every minute of it! Lily has brought our family so much joy! She is my little “sis” and I love her to bits!


Lily has always been a laid back easy baby! She brought our family lots of love and peace!

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Her brothers have doted on her ever since the beginning! They love their little sister!

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Age 2

Age 3

Age 4

Age 5




DSC_0504 photo 19

Tomorrow we will celebrate her 6th birthday! I can’t believe it’s been 6 years! Lily is such a special little girl! She is very quiet and reserved around people she doesn’t know well. But she has very strong beliefs and views already in life! She loves to sing, dance, cook, play piano, and so much more! She is the cutest little girl in the world to me! We love you Lily! ♥


Kate said...

A.DORE.ABLE! Such a cute post! So glad you have a girl so you can be "girly"! Not that you wouldn't be girly without her....:)
Happy Birthday Miss Lily! You are such a sweet, cute, girly! :) We love you!

Andrea McEntire said...

Awww, what a sweetie! I'm so glad you have your little girl.
So....I just saw your post where you visited Jen Brewer and her family in Rochester, Minnesota WHERE I LIVE!! We go to the same church building, they are in a different ward. Seriously Robin! We would have loved to come and say hi if I had known you guys were there or I had checked your blog sooner and gotten a hold of you. I'm sad that we missed you guys. :( I had no idea that you were related to Jen.... She came and spoke to the YW (when I was in the presidency) about nutrition. Small world! Anyway, glad you had fun. :)

Cassidy said...

She looks so big! She is darling! I'm glad you had your girl, they really are the best!

Sue Howe said...

Oh, how special. Happy Birthday Lily. Gramma loves you so very much. I know how a mom feels about their daughters. They are special gifts from Heavenly Father for us to hold in our arms for a little while and to hold in our hearts forever.

Hansen Adventures said...

DARLING family and the cutest girl ever!! I seriously love her and YOU! :) Hope she had a GREAT 6th birthday! I love that she wanted roller skates!