Tuesday, June 12, 2012

♪We are the Champions♫

Baseball is OVER!!! For now….. :)

Both Ethan and Ashton took 1st! We are super proud of them. All their hard work and 5-6 days a week of practices and games paid off! Now we can breath for a bit!

Ashton’s Team

DSC_9358DSC_9342DSC_1690 DSC_1692 DSC_1689

Ethan’s Team

DSC_1741DSC_1720DSC_1758 DSC_1723DSC_1737DSC_1736DSC_1769

♥ Congratulations Boys! ♥


Briana Mann said...

That is really awesome!! Congratulations boys!!

Sue Howe said...

Such good pictures! This will be hard to top when they start out receiving trophies the first year. Congratulations to Ethan and Ashton. They did GREAT! ♥♥♥

Kate said...

What an EXCITING season! Great job, boys! You guys ROCK!!