Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I ♥ 2 C The Temple!

Saturday we were able to go to the Washington D.C. Temple! It was the stakes planned Sister Temple trip! I’m so glad we went! Kate drove so we didn’t have to ride on the slow, stinky, bus for 4 hours! The weather was PERFECT that day too! We had fun! So glad I decided to go! :)

The Temple is always so beautiful!

IMG_6228 (2) 

Robin, Debi, Kate, Amanda, Julie, and Karyl.                                      

IMG_6224 (2) IMG_6244 (2)IMG_6251 (2) IMG_6230 (2)

Lunch/Dinner at Olive Garden.

IMG_6257 (2) IMG_6262 (2)

Thanks again for driving Kate! ;) ♥

IMG_6279 (2)


Briana Mann said...

The Washington DC temple is gorgeous and so are you!!

Kate said...

What a PERFECT day! It was so much fun!! Thanks for riding up with me...and putting up with my "churchy" music, and letting me talk your ear off, and my slow driving. YOU ROCK!
So glad we could all go to the temple together! Really, how cool are we?