Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jacob turns 3!

Happy Birthday Jacob!

This little guy has brought us So much joy! He is unlike any of my other children. His personality is POWERFUL and INTENSE! He is a smart little cookie and has brought me much joy, laughter, frustration, and love!

I can not believe he has already been with us for 3 years! He was a wonderful final addition to our family! We are so thankful for him and the joy he brings to us!

Happy Birthday Jacob! ♥ We LOVE YOU! ♥




*AGE 1*


*AGE 2*


*AGE 3*



We love you Jacob! Happy Birthday

*Birthday pictures will be posted shortly!*


Shelbi McCormick said...

so cute!!! Love you chica!
love Shay

Sue Howe said...

Loved the pictures. Our little Jacob is so special. Such cute pictures. Love Grammy

Kate said...

How in the world do I not remember Jacob as a baby? I don't remember him being so little! :) But man alive, that is definitely him in those pictures! There's no denying it!
We LOVE Jakey! I hope he had a super fun birthday!