Sunday, April 1, 2012


It’s that time again! Baseball season! And now we have not 1 but 2 kids playing this year! So it makes for a very BUSY week! But, we love it. Why? Because the boys love it. That’s what matters right?

Ashton is cute. This is his first year. He is learning. He idolizes his big brother Ethan and wants to be just like him.


Ashton and Mackay are on the same team! Yay! They are buddies from church and it helps a ton to have someone he knows on the same team! And Sherrie and I may or may not do our calling stuff at each practice!


Ashton is a cutie pie! Still learning to keep his eyes open as he hits the ball!


Ethan is on the Orioles again this year! Same coach, and a lot of the same players! They all have grown and matured so much this last year! They are looking AMAZING! His first game they won 10-0! Way to go Ethan!




The kids l♥ve going to practices and games! We are proud of Ethan and Ashton! :)


So here’s to another very busy baseball season! Bring it on!


Sue Howe said...

Wow, the children are growing up. Ethan and Ashton are really growing and changing. Love and miss you all. Thanks for posting these pictures. Love you so much. Mom

Briana Mann said...

Other than the craziness, this is the best time of year, huh! Tell the boys good job... can't wait to see more pictures as the season goes on!

Kate said...

FUN!! It almost {i said almost} makes me want to sign the boys up for baseball. Buuuuttt...I most likely won't. I'm not as COOL of a mom as you! That's for sure!
How fun for Ashton and Mackay! Seriously! So glad they get to be on the same team!