Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dying Easter Eggs

I have always loved dying Easter eggs, until I had children. Now it’s an anxiety filled event. I try VERY hard to not let it show!!! Sigh! I actually think next year, we may have a better time for the first time…. Ever! My youngest child will be 4, and maybe just maybe, this event won’t be dirty, messy, crazy, etc……


We let the younger 2 kids go first. Otherwise it’s just mass mayhem!


See my face? The next 5 pictures show why my face looks like this! And this is me trying VERY hard to keep my composure! :)


Jacob. All I need to say………


His hands stayed that color for 2 days! Yep. Went to church with Green hands! :)



Another Year Done! Phew! ;)

It was fun! Promise!


Kate said...

Not gonna lie, it gives me anxiety just looking at these pictures! :)

With that being said, GOOD FOR YOU! I love the tradition of dying easter eggs, that is the ONE tradition we had growing up. And now, for my family, we just push it aside and do it only if we have time. And I HATE it!
And, we didn't have time this year.
Next year, for sure. And....I'm going to use all natural dyes...maybe. :)

Cute pictures! Love it!

Sue Howe said...

So Cute, even Jake's green hands. That's why I loved the picnic table under the patio was especially for dying Easter Eggs. You had some really good painted eggs. You all look so great. Loved seeing this, even the mess!!!! Kids just have to have a mess when dying Easter Eggs.

Sue Howe said...

I even love your composed look!!!! Only mom's know this look. You did good!