Friday, April 6, 2012

F-18 Crash

Navy F/A-18D Crashes (News Link)

Scary to have something happen so close!

JET NOISE is something that you come to ignore, or more or less get used to around here. The Jets are always flying and it’s something that comes with living here. The kids love it and it’s fun to see them flying. We take for granted how risky it is each time they fly and the measures and precautions they have to take each and every time they fly.

Today just after take off, a Navy jet had a huge fuel leak, and well you can read the story by clicking the link above. Very scary. Those harmed are in our thoughts and prayers.

aircrash3_540x38649835-91f78_thumbAircrash10_540x40549803-8583d_thumb49809-ea6e6_thumb49841-fa-18d-jet-crash-in-virginia-beach-80847_thumbCrash Site


Sue Howe said...

Wow, that's amazing. I seen you were on at that time last night. You were posting this amazing crash. Inches away from you all. Love you. Have a wonderful Easter Weekend. Love you, Grammy

Kate said...

When I moved here, it was really "popular" to have the bumper sticker that said "I ♥ Jet Noise". It's the "sound of freedom!"

It is VERY scary!