Wednesday, April 18, 2012



Spring break has come and gone! The kids had a blast! I think we did something fun everyday! Now this week I have to get my house back under control! But it was fun!

Here is our Beach day with friends!

DSC_8231   DSC_8237DSC_8243 DSC_8232 DSC_8276DSC_8273DSC_8287DSC_8294DSC_8286DSC_8289

Boys and the yucky stuff they touch!

DSC_8290  DSC_8296  DSC_8293

DSC_8303  DSC_8306DSC_8308   DSC_8313DSC_8322DSC_8333

Wow! That’s one dirty happy face!



Sue Howe said...

I love the beach pictures and the kids. It seems Ethan always has a bucket and a shovel or a net trying to put things in the bucket. So cute.

Kate said...

I cannot WAIT until summer! We need to go to the beach at least once a week. I hate sand...but we need to schedule a day and make it a priority! It was SO.MUCH.FUN!