Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ashton’s first game…. FINALLY!

Ashton was convinced he was never going to play an actual game because all of his games have been canceled due to weather or shortage of players. Finally we are starting his games. And now we have many make up games! Here are pics of his first game! Thank you Sherrie for taking them!

He got to pick his jersey number also. He picked #8! Why? Because he said soon he’ll be 8 and get to be baptized. Super cute!


Both him and Ethan close their eyes when they hit the ball! Silly boys! Keep your eyes open!!!


Playing Catcher here


Playing outfield here


They won their first game! 15-7! Way to go Ashton! ♥



Sue Howe said...

Oh my Ashton, my Ashton. How cute he is in his uniform. Such a cute player. He looks so calm and collected. I just loved the pictures and especially him picking #8 because he's going to be 8 and get baptized. Ashton, you are on the Lord's team!!!!

Kate said...

Ashton is such a cutie! I'm so glad I was able to come see him play! It was a TON of fun. {Not ONE bit boring! I promise!} Hopefully you'll invite us to more games!