Sunday, January 8, 2012


It has been CHILLY!!!! (Even if for only a couple days!) But when a warm day comes we jump on it and take full advantage! After the kids got off the bus on Friday we immediately went to Mt. Trashmore! We met Kate there with her kiddos. The sun was setting fast, so we had to soak in all that was left of a beautiful day! Kate and I did what we do best…. Talk. The kids did what they do best…. Play. And Darren did what he does best….. Take pictures, chase kids, have an anxiety attack about where all 4 of his kids are at one given moment!

It was fun!


      Jake Running non-stop!                       Cute Paisley and Lily ♥


♥ Love this girl! ♥


          Parleigh….. Kate’s baby. She is beautiful!


The kids favorite part of the park? Not the playground! The HILL! :)


☼ Love good weather! ☼


Kate said...

Ahhh, this was fun! We need to do it more often! It was pretty chilly, though! :) The kids had a blast. I hope your boys enjoy my boys as much as my boys enjoy your boys!
Love you, girl! And, thanks Darren, for doing what you do that we could do what we do best! you guys rock!

Sue Howe said...

I love, love Mt. Trashmore. So good to see pictures of it and all of you. Such good times in the sun. I love, love the SUN.