Tuesday, November 22, 2011

R.I.P. Ole’ Reliable!


When I was 18 I purchased my first car. It was a brand new 1997 Forrest Green Toyota Corolla. It was my baby. My beauty! My pride and joy! This car is now almost 15 years old! To say it’s been a good car would be an UNDERSTATMENT!

Let’s see…. let’s first start with the battle wounds this little car has been through:

This car has hit a full size ELK…..

This car has hit several small rodents like: rabbits, squirrels, maybe a cat or two.

This car has been rear-ended 4 times.

This car was in a severe head on collision.

There are many more “things” ole reliable has been through like multiple cracked windshields, scrapes, dents, kicks to the side of the door by a random person walking by. But I’ll leave her wounds alone now.

Places she has been:

Utah to Nevada multiple times. Utah to California. Utah to Georgia. Georgia to Texas. Texas to Virginia. And then all the normal every day driving in between.

Since we’ve been in Virginia, Darren has drove this car to Chesapeake every day to work averaging 70 miles per day. We drove this car OUT! The A.C. stopped working 3 years ago. We never forked over the money to repair it. Every summer, Darren would arrive home from work soaking wet with sweat from driving an hour in the Virginia heat and humidity without tinted windows or a.c. Well, after many many many times in the shop, many repairs here and there, money put into ole reliable over and over. I promised him the next time it needed “fixed” we would go ahead and retire ole Betsy and he could finally get a new vehicle. Well…..his day has come! (Darren’s that is….) The clutch went out again, resulting in Darren almost getting killed a couple times is all! :)

So….. We are bidding Ole’ Reliable farewell. We are soooo grateful for the dependability this car gave us over the years! It truly was an amazing car that NEVER stopped working!


Drumroll Please…….. Here is Ole’ Reliable’s Replacement

DSC_9053DSC_9057 DSC_9062DSC_9063

Toyota Tundra

The best part? Well…. One of the best parts. It fits our entire family of 6!

I will miss my Corolla, but her time is up. She was awesome. But I’m excited for Darren to finally have a car to call his own for the first time in his life! :)


Kate said...

jealous! not the fact that you had to say goodbye {cause that it hard}...but HELLO fancy schmancy new truck! i love it!

Briana Mann said...

Yay for Darren! We keep our fingers crossed each day hoping that Jason's car will last him through then end of residency!