Sunday, November 20, 2011

Breaking Dawn

As tradition has it….. Kate throws a “Twilight Party” the night the newest twilight movie comes out! They are always so fun! She decorates so cute and the food is the best!!!! Her rule is not to eat at least 3 days before one of her parties!! :)

Food: Make your own Irish Cream Sodas, cream stuffed Strawberries, Fruit, Veggies and Hummus, Chips and dip, Gingerbread chips with pumpkin dip, Red and Black sweets like m&m’s, licorice, peanut  butter cups, red and black Oreos, hot tamales, and lets not forget the star of the show: drumroll please…… Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese butter cream frosting and chocolate ganache drizzled on top! They were to die for….. literally! :)

IMG_1672 (2)IMG_1674 IMG_1675


             Me!                 Debi!                 Kate!

IMG_1681 (2)IMG_1683 (2)IMG_1688 (2)IMG_1684 (2)IMG_1685 (2)

Sherrie and Brooke!               Heather and Carrie

IMG_1691 (2)IMG_1692 (2)

     Kelli                Carrie                 Caroline

IMG_1696 (2) IMG_1693 (2) IMG_1707

Amanda                                Sherrie and Debi

IMG_1697 (2)  IMG_1700 (2)

Linley with her sweet grandbaby!    Cute Kate and Heather

IMG_1701 (2)IMG_1702 (2)IMG_1704 (2)

Yay! At the Theater!!   Caroline, Sherrie, Robin, Kate   

IMG_1714_edited-1IMG_1709 (2)

I may or may not have a tongue problem! ;)

IMG_1711 (2)IMG_1717_edited-1

IMG_1712 (2)_edited-1

Look how tired Debi is! Soooo funny!          I ♥ Sherrie!

IMG_1715 (2)_edited-1  IMG_1716 (2)_edited-1IMG_1718 (2)_edited-1IMG_1722 (2)_edited-1

Cheers to another fun Twilight night with the girls! ♥


Kate said...

thanks for coming! it was fun, wasn't it? i vote appetizers at a restaurant next time. :)

Sue Howe said...

Looks like you girls always have the best time together. Such a great thing to have so many good women friends. Love you and miss you too. Loves to the children. Will miss you for Thanksgiving!!!!