Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

We were able to go as a family to the last Tides Game of the season! The kids loved it! We ate yummy greasy baseball stadium food! Enjoyed the Game and the fireworks at the end!


Check out his arm! Crazy!


Ethan and Ashton LOVE baseball! They enjoyed the game soooo much!



Jake loved going up and down the stairs! ♥


Fireworks at the end! The kids LOVED them!



Sue Howe said...

Such fun family time together. You guys are a great family. You do so much together. Little Jake is just a little bunch of joy. Good to see all the children too. You are beautiful Robin. Inside and out. Love you all.

Kate said...

how fun! ben really wanted to go to this game with the boys--to see the fireworks. too bad we were out of town!
i love baseball! :)