Monday, December 6, 2010

M&M Nativity (FHE)

Tonight for family home evening I thought this would be fun to do with the kids. I was making them any way for the people I go visiting teaching to through our church. Here is the link if you'd like to make them too! It will show you the "story behind it". Cute idea, and also a fun teaching lesson. We'll also be doing the whole nativity story tonight as well. ♥

Mine are slightly different than the web-site. For one, I couldn't find the square pretzels, and the store I went to didn't have the red and white hershey kiss hugs either! And I despise going to several stores for one item. So these had to do. But they still look "Christmasy" enough I think!


Chelsea Cisneros said...

super cute! love the christmas music too!! the tree looks beautiful! And yes, RIP 1st christmas tree ;)

Kate said...

yummo! and...have you tried it where you take a rolo instead of a kiss, and a pecan instead of an m&m? extremely yummo!

shay and nick* said...

that is such a cute idea! i love it!