Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Stuff

Ode' to the First Christmas Tree. R.I.P
Here is our tree after Jacob got done with it.

Here is our 2nd tree of the year. It's real and a little more sturdy. It's lasted so far! Crossing fingers!

Ward Christmas Party

Ethan giving me the evil eye for taking so many pictures. But I had to post this of my cute hubby!

Rick Bingham and I taking pictures at the same time! His shot of me is on their blog! ha ha!

Me and my girly Beth ♥

Jacob on Santa. He's not quite sure what to think, but he didn't cry!

Ashton telling Santa his hearts desires!

Lily on Santa

Ethan, knowing it's really the bishop and not Santa! :)
Ethan finally putting pride aside to sit on Santa's lap!


Wish upon a Starr said...

I've been in Utah too long. I was surprised at the size of the party. Looks like you had fun.
I was telling my husband about your husband's sniper school, and being the top shooter. Well, he totally geeked out!! He wanted me to ask what branch of the military is he in? And a BIG thanks for his sevice!!

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

Way to go Darren (2 posts ago) and I have to echo the previous comment and say a big THANKS to Darren and to you for your support and sacrifice to our country. I think that is so cute that Ethan wouldn't sit on Santa's lap! :)

Kate said...

your tree hasn't been knocked over yet cause of that massively huge tree stand! :) ha!
ah, i'm sad now that we missed the ward looks like it was blast. {not sure if i am being sarcastic or not!}