Friday, September 3, 2010

Kentucky Trip

After we got home from Utah, we turned right around and drove to Kentucky to visit Darren's family. Here are some pictures from our trip there! We had a great time!

Swimming Time!

Jacob and Grandma Conner

Yoda fell in the pool. Pretty funny.

My hot hubby! ;)

Lily, Conner, Ashton, Cora, Ethan, and Doran. Cute cousins having fun in the pool.

Funny how Grandma would "lug" around Jacob.

My cute Lily.


Cora and Doran

Me and my chittlin's

Mom and Jacob

Working in the Yard! Dan came out also to help Darren, Tony, Ryan, and Curtis with some yard work.

Darren and Ryan

Ethan can't resist yard work and the men let him help! He was in high heaven!

Dan Mowing like a professional!

Re-building the stairs.

Chickens! The kids loved spending time down by the chicken coop. Maybe they loved it too much. They always seemed to "accidentally" end up in the coop with the chickens!

Baby Doon!

Baby Cobie

Lawn mower rides!

Me and beautiful Dawn

Cute brothers!

Dawn, Darren, Debbie, and Dan (4 of the 7 siblings)

Grandma was so sweet to give us her bed. This is where she would sleep. On the couch with her dog on top of her! so funny!

Ethan and grandma with the eggs they gathered that day from the chicken coop!

Look at the fun colors!

This little guy got inside our last night there.

Thanks for letting us come out and visit! We had so much fun! ♥

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Shan said...

What a fun trip! And great to help out there, too.