Saturday, July 3, 2010

Catch up

I've been bad about staying updated on here! I'm trying to be better. Here are some recent happenings!

Field Day at the boys school. It was soooo hot that day, and I had Lily and Jacob with me. I was trying to walk back and forth to take pictures of Ethan and his class, then Ashton and his class. I always seemed to miss getting shots of Ethan, but I didn't feel too bad since I have plenty of pictures of Ethan's previous years of field day, and this was Ashton's first year! Any who, here are a couple of them.

Ashton in his class cooling down.

Sack race!

Football relay

Ethan with his teacher Ms. Treat (and she really is a treat! A very sweet teacher!)

Jacob -vs- Fudgesicle

Here Lily! Take a bite!

When I'm doing laundry, Jacob hurries in to get into the dryer! Silly boy

Happy Father's Day!
We made Darren breakfast in bed

He was pleasantly surprised

I made him his favorite chocolate covered strawberries

I had to enjoy some with him! ;)

Ma and Pa

We cut (well.... shaved) the boys heads for summer. Jacob climbed up in the seat and wanted hi done too. With much reluctance I shaved his head. sniff sniff. All those cute read curls gone. (I did save some for his baby book!) Now I have 4 bald and beautiful boys! ;)
This is a funny picture. Lily wanted her head shaved too. She was bummed when I told her no. Jacob is screaming, and Ethan is crossing his eyes on purpose I might add. He knows how much I love that! :)


shay and nick* said...

hey! I am gonna email you soon. those pics are so cute! happy birthday the other day by the way! :) Love you TONS!

Sue Howe said...

Oh, these pictures are so cute. Even Jacob with his hair cut. I loved them all especially Ashton in his sack doing the sack race!

Sue Howe said...

Garmmy again. Yoda looks like his hair has grown back and your face looks so thin too. It's increditable. You look like Jerry!

Briana said...

LOVE the bald head pictures! You look great, too, by the way!

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

So cute with the shaved heads. I love it! I'm so impressed with the chocolate covered strawberries Robin. They look so delicious-you go girl!