Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July!

Happy Late 4th of July! We had a fun night with family and friends. We grilled out then went out side for "Virginia fire works" which only consist of poppers, but the kids still had fun, then we went to see the fireworks!

Me helping Ashton pop his.

Debi and Ada

David and Ashton

All the guys throwing poppers in the air

The kiddos

Debi and Loni

Ada and Jacob

The boys got into a hair spray paint fight!

Darren, Jason, and David (2 boys from the young men group)

Our kids had their way with Darren's head! It was a clean slate! ;)

The fam

Getting excited to see the fireworks!

Ashton excited to see them!

Ethan hiding his excitement!

Lily not hiding her excitement! ;)

Happy 4th everyone!


Chelsea Cisneros said...

Love the colorful hair! You look so good Robin! Looks like you all had a great 4th!

shay and nick* said...

first of alll... you seriously look amazing! Do you know that?! YOU should. I still need to email you and definitely will. Its hard to find a moment to write a long email haha.. as I am sure I have alot more time than you being a mommy of FOUR and I only have one! haha. Man we miss being there SOOOOOO much I cant even tell you! Hope you guys are doing well and I cant wait to find out once I email you! :) Love ya!