Saturday, March 27, 2010


Last Friday we had play group at the zoo. It was really fun and the kiddos enjoyed it! Here are a few pics from that day!

Jacob in his socks. The kid refuses to wear shoes!

Lily and Cade

Lily and her "best friend Parker". :)

Silly pic!

My friend Kate with Parker and Lily in the prairie dog hole!




Ummm, I forgot what these were called??? Kate will remind me! ;)

Cutie-Patootie Kate and her daughter Paisley!

Kate with her 3 kids Parker, Preston, and Paisley


Kate said...

BONGOS! they are bongos! :)
and-you are the coolest person ever because i love how you cropped the photo of me and paisley! love it! {from the waist, up!} ;)
the zoo was fun. you need to get a membership and we can go more often, and i'll actually bring snacks for my kids!

shay and nick* said...

that looks like so much fun! and you girls look so cute! I cant even tell you how much I miss you guys! aah! Love you lots! your kids are darling :)