Sunday, November 22, 2009


Ethan thought he'd be funny and hide from the washer! I'm just glad he didn't break it! He started panicking a little when he realized he couldn't get back out. He kept saying "help!! I'm stuck!" I kept saying "get out! You better pray that washer isn't broken!!!" I'm so mean! ;) Dad came and rescued him. He better stay OUT from now on! I'm not going back to laundry mat days!!!!!


threebuttonsandtwobows said...

That is so funny! I am so happy you grabbed your camera so you can laugh later! BOYS are always crazy, my boys threw raw spaghetti into the wash. Gotta love boys! Glad you had fun at New Moon!

Cassidy said...

hahhaaa. That is FUNNY.

Briana said...

I think what is so adorable is that Ashton is right there by his side, looking just as concerned as his big brother!!