Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Cookies!

We have been sick sick and more sick. Maybe it just seems like that since it started at the beginning of the week and went all week with each kid getting sick right after each other and then I got sick at the end of the week. ANY WAY..... Tonight we're all FINALLY feeling a little better and I had made sugar cookie dough last weekend with the intent of doing this with the kids, but then I ended up freezing the dough since everyone kept getting sick. So we finally were able to make our sugar cookies tonight and the kids enjoyed it. Here are the fruits of our labors.

Ethan focusing hard on his decorating.

Ashton frosting his cookie

Lily with tons of sprinkles and icing

Their masterpieces

Ethan's work

Ashton's work

Lily's work. (notice how much icing is on her cookies!) she doesn't love icing at all! :)

Silly boy



Jacob wondering what they are doing and why he can't be doing it also! ;)

Darren helped me ice and decorate the rest of them. We had lots of fun!

Our cute cookies! Our neighbors are going to love us! ;)

Random cute shots of Jacob on Ethan. Had to add these.

Jacob trying to tear Ethan's nose off!

Ethan trying to kiss Jacob and you can see Jacob is not having it!


Stephanie said...

Those cookies look adorable!! For some reason making and decorating sugar cookies overwhelms me...go you. I think you have just inspired me though.

Robyn said...

Jacob is getting big too and such a cutie...You are such a cute mommy making all those cookies!!

Cassidy said...

Oh yum!! Those cookies look so good! And nicely decorated!! That's talent!

Rick, Debi, Loni, and Ada said...

I am glad that you are all starting to feel better. We missed you at church. Everything went fine. IT would have been fun if you were there but gross if you puked on me or something. Ha ha. See you soon Debi

Shan said...

Your family is filled with artists - they look sooooo good! After having sick kids all week, sick yourself, and Darren's surgery, you still all managed to decorate beautiful cookies! Wow!

Shan said...
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Brewer Bunch said...

So cute!! What fun activities you do with you kiddos! Those cookies look very delicious!!
Oh, and I'm with Lily on the icing... LOVE it!