Thursday, July 23, 2009

This & That

Nothing new happening here. Just pics I loaded off my camera today, thought I'd do a random post of the things we've been doing. Darren has been gone this week. We'll sure be glad when he gets back this weekend.

Here's Jacob. Such a "go with the flow" kind of kid. He didn't even mind the goggles on his head! So funny!

Cutie Pie! I can't believe he's almost 4 months old!!! CRAZY!!!!

Ethan and Ashton decided to run through the sprinkler outside. Ethan took time to put on his swim shorts, Ashton on the other hand, knew that would take way too much time. So, sorry for the underwear shots! ;) I may or may not have ran through the sprinklers with them! ha ha ha! It was fun!

We get the "family fun" magazine every month. I l♥ve l♥ve l♥ve this magazine. It has so many fun ideas of things to do as a family. This month they had "foam snakes". We had to try it. Of course ours didn't look as great as the ones in the magazine, but we still had fun doing it! I'd say we spend a couple hours doing this. Great boredom buster for a summer evening! ;)

Jacob just hung out in his bouncy-play-thing-a-ma-jig. He was happy to be outside!

And that's all she wrote! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.
It is flying by really quick! I can't believe July is almost over. Soon Ethan will
be turning 8, getting baptized, and back to school again! Goodness
time flies!!!!!


Cara said...

Oh RObin I just love to read your blog! I will have to check out that magazine too as we always are BORED here!

Kate said...

i can't believe jacob is almost 4 months old! that is crazy. it seems like yesterday we were making twilight t-shirts, and you had a LONG way to go! :)
running through the sprinkler is fun, huh? Go, YOU! I always chicken out because it is too cold. (we use well water, not city water!)
the bubble cool is that? i would give ANYTHING for my children to be entertained for an hour!
i'm feeling much better. supposedly no longer contagious. i might be heading to the beach today. it looks yucky outside, but it's gonna be HOT! you should come.

Briana said...

Jacob looks SO much like Ashton! The snakes looked like fun, and I think they looked a lot like the ones they did in the magazine!

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

Those foam things look cool. Did you just cut off the bottom of water bottles and blow soapy water through the bottom?

Brooke said...

Jacob is adorable. Looks like you are keeping up with all of them and giving them fun things to do too.