Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Darren's job for dinner was to shuck the corn. He quickly figured out how to get the job done faster. He enlisted the help of the kids and their friends.

Our giant pool that we had installed in our back yard a week ago. It's been a big hit with the kids. It broke the bank account, but well worth it! ;) ha ha ha!

Jacob is quickly realizing how "cool" the computer is. He's taking after his brothers quickly by being interested in what Dad is doing on the computer.


Wish upon a Starr said...

Thanks for your sweet comments. Your little boy is so cute. And I love your pool, looks like it was well worth the money. Someday, we will get one installed for our kids.

The Farrell Family said...

Husbands are so good at delegating the job out!! Happy Birthday, Ms. Robin!

Cara said...

Oh how I wish I could afford a pool like that! The problem would be that I would take up all the room in it and the kids would be whining! I think we will stick with the rec center 2 blocks away! Happy Birthday woman!

Rick, Debi, Loni, and Ada said...

Hey Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. I owe you a cake or lunch or something when I get back. Sorry to have missed it and then not even writing to you on the actual day. Don't worry though I am way off on everything now a days. Thanks for being a great friend. See you in a month! Debi