Tuesday, July 14, 2009

{'My dad is so cool"}

The secretary from Homeland Security came yesterday to "view" the Coast Guards counter-terrorism unit. Darren's team was asked to do a "demo" for them to watch. It was on the local news. If you want to view the news clip Click here.
Several of the team members also filmed it from different areas, so we have a clip below of several video bits taken and placed together of their day yesterday! Ethan and Ashton think their dad is "soooooo cool!" It's so fun to watch them see their dad on t.v. and see what he does day in and day out. It makes the long days of him "training" worth it, to see him in action once in while!
Darren's team with the Secretary of Homeland security. Darren is behind the secretary.
Video. Enjoy!!!