Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mud Bath

The beginning of this week the high barely hit the teens. It was sooooo cold! Today's temp got above 75. The weather here is WACK!!! But regardless, the kids actually put on shorts today. I heard the water running outside and came to see what they were doing. I found the sprinkler on the porch and them running through it. Yes it may be warm, but not that warm! I almost opened the door to tell them to turn it off, but had to grab the camera first. Then the soaked lawn turned into mud fast because the ground below is still frozen, so it was hard for the water to sink in fast enough, so they decided to play in the mud. Lily gets less and less clothed as time goes on, but they had fun. I bit my tongue and let them enjoy their warm Saturday in the muddy backyard. Who knows what next weeks weather will bring? Make up your mind already! :)


Kate said...

holy cow, lily is naked! too funny.
i know, isn't the weather weird? all i can say, is get used to it. it could be like this until june. no joke.
they look like they had so much fun. you need to let the boys come over when that happens, i don't think i could bite my tongue and let them play...i'd probably need some moral support! what a good mom you are to let them "just be kids!"
crap, i need to get to bed. church is going to come way too early!

Shan said...

I'm laughing at these cute pictures. The kids looked like they're so ready for summer. Look at those happy and muddy faces - and Lily in her naked glory - so funny!

Cara said...

Wow, I would give anything to be warm enough to wear shorts. I wore flip flops almost all of last week to work and I think I am being punished for it this weekend, my voice is almost gone! Haha. I think these pictures are great!

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

Ashton with the brown bum rocks! Lily is adorable, it's a good thing you have such a cute girl that can hold her own with the boys.

Shan said...

Lily looks as if she was about to throw that mud ball at you!